A tuxedo is a piece that is worn at weddings, engagements, invitations and celebrations which makes their bespoke tailoring even more meaningful. Instead of getting a ready to wear tuxedo suit, you can have it tailor made and use it for years as if it were the first day at weddings and invitations you attend throughout the year.

Men’s wear that comes to mind for weddings are groom’s suit or groom’s tuxedo. In weddings, invited men also stand out elegantly with their choice of suit or tuxedo.

In particular, the groom’s tuxedo is an outfit that carries unforgettable memories for the married couple and reminds one of the most special moment of life.

You may get such an outfit in perfect harmony with your body with special bespoke techniques. So you will remember your special day of life with a comfortable elegance.

At BayTerzi you can design and customize your groom’s tuxedo or groom’s suits together with other pieces such as your bespoke shirt, belt, bow tie and cuff buttons. You can choose the main color of your fabric from a wide range of portfolio including classic black, burgundy, navy blue as well as variations of white.

Just like in suits, in tuxedo and the groom’s suits in our process we take your measurements, prepare your custom mold and fitting, respectively. Then using tailor made techniques your tuxedo is sewn down to every detailed line and pattern of your choice and delivered to you within 2 weeks.


Bespoke Experience for Weddings, Celebrations & Special Events

Like everone else, you deserve to be an elegant groom in your wedding with your best appearance. Would you like to add comfort and customization on top of your elegance with a bespoke suit or tailor made tuxedo prepared exclusively for you ?

Your wedding may be in a hotel, ballroom, garden or in nature…Most probably your wish is to have a wedding organization as unforgettable and beautiful as possible including all the details about weather, music, dance and catering. On such an important day, the component that would contribute you most as a groom would be a comfortable yet elegant looking bespoke suit or tailor made tuxedo. A bespoke experience which would make your most special day even more exclusive for you.

We are aware of your thoughts and as BayTerzi we are at your service to prepare your wedding suit cut for your body and preferences.

If you would like your best man and close friends complement your elegance and comfort, we are happy to develop a bespoke tuxedo experience to all of them as a group. A good note to keep in mind…




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