Professional Alteration

We provide the highest quality alteration for your suit, jacket, tuxedo or overcoat regardless of its origin.

You have precious suit pieces in your wardrobe that you have not used for a long time. You would like to wear them but hesitate to make alterations in an ordinary store because you are not sure the results would be satisfactory…

This thought is reasonable since your suit may require a delicate or difficult alteration which may otherwise result in suit pieces loosing its originality and model features.

In these cases, would you like to have your suits altered professionally and in full harmony with your body sizes and features comparable to a bespoke level tailoring ? Then we would be happy to invite you to BayTerzi.

BayTerzi Bespoke Service in 5 Easy Steps

1. We are as close as a phone call. Either call us or leave your info on our web site and we will get back to you asap.

2. Let’s decide on a date / time for measurements and choice of fabric for your bespoke suit and garments.

3. Be our guest in our bespoke store. You make your choice of fabric, we take your measurements and note your preferences on every detail of style and cut.

4. We host you once again for a fitting visit and make sure the details perfectly fit your body and preferences. Finally we decide on a delivery date of your finished bespoke garment according to your needs.

5. Last but not least, we deliver your finished bespoke suit either in our store or through shipment including international cargo.


Bespoke Tailoring for Your Weddings, Celebrations & Special Occasions

Like everone else, you deserve to be an elegant groom in your wedding with your best appearance. Would you like to add comfort and customization on top of your elegance with a bespoke suit or tuxedo which is tailored exclusively for you?

Your wedding may be in a hotel, ballroom, garden or in nature…Most probably your wish is to have a wedding organization as unforgettable and beautiful as possible including all the details about weather, music, dance and catering. On such an important day, the component that would contribute you most as a groom would be a comfortable yet elegant looking bespoke suit or tuxedo. A bespoke experience which would make your most special day even more exclusive for you.

We are aware of your thoughts and as BayTerzi we are at your service to prepare your wedding suit cut for your body and preferences.

If you would like your best man and close friends complement your elegance and comfort, we are happy to develop a bespoke tuxedo experience to all of them as a group. A good note to keep in mind… 🙂


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