BayTerzi ısmarlama dikim atölyesi Zekeriya Vural

Zekeriya Vural / The Story of BayTerzi…

Here’s the story of BayTerzi: I started out as a tailor’s apprentice to make my school allowance while I was a junior high school student in the 1970’s. During my high school years, I became a headworker who could sew jackets, trousers and vests. I went to college at night and continued to work as a daytime tailor. I opened my first workshop in 1977 and following graduation, started to work as a high school teacher in 1982. On one hand I continued teaching and on the other developed in my profession as a tailor.

In 1987, I gave a break in teaching and started working as a manufacturing manager in a textiles export firm. Here, I have gained experience in fashion-design, styling and model preparation as well. In 1990, I returned to teaching and decided to apply high quality standards of bespoke tailoring by synthesizing my experience in ready-to-wear and made-to-measure sewing.

ısmarlama dikim kumaş seçimi

47 Years of Experience in Tailoring

I worked as an assistant principal and teacher at Istanbul Beyoğlu Tailoring Vocational High School between 1999-2009. The school, established in 1928 by Atatürk, had created the infrastructure of Turkey on clothing and many famous fashion designers & tailors have gained their training here. After retiring from this school, I gave clothing lessons in İstanbul Aydın University Fashion Design Department for a while.

Currently as the master tailor of our ateliers extending from Sultanhamam to Beyoğlu, which are the old centers of bespoke tailoring in Istanbul we are at the service of our customers under BayTerzi (literally `Mr Tailor`) brand. We offer custom made bespoke style men’s wear including suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, overcoats, wedding suits and tuxedos. We are proud to offer elegance and comfort to our valued customers. Hope to meet you soon…

ısmarlama dikim kumaş seçimi

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